Saw Maura Pierlot’s Fragments; tried not to fall to pieces by Rosalind Moran Fragments is not an easy play to watch. It’s a series of monologues on mental health and social issues faced by young people, covering anxiety, depression, autism, transphobia, social media pressure, stressful home lives, popularity at school, and the feeling of being unprepared for the real world. Eight teens speak to … Continue reading Fragments

Kaz Cooke NLA Fellowship presentation

Kaz Cooke NLA Fellowship presentation By Shelley Burr On Thursday, 22 August 2019 I had the privilege of being part of the sold-out audience to a fellowship talk by cartoonist and author Kaz Cooke, a 2019 National Library of Australia Fellow. This fellowship, one of many offered annually by the Library, is sponsored by the Stokes family. Every year for ten years three researchers will … Continue reading Kaz Cooke NLA Fellowship presentation

Wonder Women

Wonder Women By Shelley Burr From 21-25 Aug 2019 the Canberra Writers Festival returned for its fourth year, with a line up of national, international and local authors, politicians, academics, activists and journalists. The panel Wonder Women was held in the spectacular Peninsula Room of the National Museum of Australia, with views of Lake Burley Griffin. It brought together three Australian authors—Meg Keneally, Kate Forsyth … Continue reading Wonder Women