“Do we have any reviewers tonight?”

A review of ‘St Nicholas’   by Rosalind Moran Vampires and theatre critics. What could they possibly have in common? St Nicholas is both a gothic play and an unnerving moral fable. Written by Irish playwright Conor McPherson in 1997, the play follows an unpopular and self-loathing theatre critic as he pursues a beautiful actress, hits rock bottom, and then meets a group of vampires. … Continue reading “Do we have any reviewers tonight?”

Breaking The Castle

“Do you value yourself?” by Rosalind Moran Breaking The Castle is a work of empathy in more than one way. The protagonist is challenged to learn to like himself. The audience is led through a story that humanises people with addiction issues, encouraging compassion for those who have fallen between the cracks. And the playwright himself, Peter Cook – who is also the play’s sole … Continue reading Breaking The Castle