Distilling life into story

By Amy Walters In September Amy attended the 2018 Seymour Biography Lecture at the National Library. Richard Fidler, host of Conversations on ABC Radio, gave the lecture and focused on the challenge of distilling a life into a narrative arc. When I was ten, I started writing my autobiography. Soon afterwards, I gave up because nothing much had happened yet. But what makes a life … Continue reading Distilling life into story

Venus in Fur: ‘Real’ Women and the Male Gaze

By Amy Walters Amy saw Venus In Fur at the Street Theatre in late August. The play was written by David Ives and was first performed in 2010. The Street’s production was directed by Caroline Stacey, and starred Joanna Richards and Craig Alexander. As Hannah Gadbsy pointed out in her ABC television series Nakedy Nudes, the canon of Western art has a problem—and that problem is the male … Continue reading Venus in Fur: ‘Real’ Women and the Male Gaze

Bittereinder: Liam Pieper and Historical Fiction

By Amy Walters The National Library of Australia awarded their 2018 Creative Arts Fellowship for Creative Writing to Liam Pieper,supported by the Ray Mathew and Eva Kollsman Trust. They also hosted a special event in which Pieper reflected on researching and writing revisionist fiction. In an interview for The Guardianon the release of his first novel The Toymaker, which is set during the Holocaust, Liam Pieper said: “Sometimes you need … Continue reading Bittereinder: Liam Pieper and Historical Fiction