NEW TERRITORY is an initiative of the ACT Writers Centre in partnership with The Street Theatre, the Canberra Writers Festival, and the National Library of Australia. It is both a program and a publication. As a program, each year it selects a small group of emerging writers who attend events and performances at The Street Theatre, the Canberra Writers Festival and the National Library of Australia and write about them either as commentary or review; the writers are mentored by prominent Australian lit-blogger Sue Terry of Whispering Gums. As a publication, NEW TERRITORY publishes the work that is produced through the program. Currently, NEW TERRITORY is not open for general submissions, but responses to work published are welcome – please contact the editor for more information. It is our attention that over time NEW TERRITORY as a publication will play a significant role in the arts and cultural life of the ACT region.

IMPORTANT: NEW TERRITORY is a developmental program and encourages boldness, exploration and risk-taking from its participants; the views expressed and published are not necessarily endorsed by the ACT Writers Centre or its partners. 

Managing Editor: Paul Bissett, ACT Writers Centre
Editor: Claire Delahunty, ACT Writers Centre
Consulting Editor: Nigel Featherstone, ACT Writers Centre

The ACT Writers Centre is supported by ArtsACT.

For more information, please contact communications@actwriters.org.au or 02 6262 9191.